“Vesala’s music (arranged largely by Iro Haarla) transcends the boundaries of jazz, equally embracing classical, rock, folk, and tango traditions. The remote beauty of Finland is evoked at the heart of the music, together with the importance of magic and myth in Finnish culture. Vesala’s music somehow achieves a seemingly impossible mixture of complex textures, melody, emotional expression, and sheer joy!”

Edward Vesala, sävellykset
Iro Haarla, sovitukset

1. Lamgonella Lomboo
2. I Tell You A Story
3. Siamese Twins
4. Pulsacion
5. Nattuggla
6. Punk
7. Shadows

Ektro Records 2013

18,00 €
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SOUND & FURY: Pulsacion

SOUND & FURY: Pulsacion

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